Southdale Orff Ensemble Performs @ Rosewood!


The Southdale Orff Ensemble recently performed at Kettering's Rosewood Arts Center.  This is the 3rd year the group has participated in the Rosewood Holiday Art Festival held in early December. The students created a performance entitled “City Beats” which attempts to capture a day in the life of a common city pigeon as it flies to its usual spots for the day. The Orff Ensemble has taken the beautiful illustration and text of the children’s book “City Beats, a Hip Hoppy Pigeon Poem” by S Kelly Rammell and brought the pages to life with melodic xylophone, drumming, soprano recorder, voice, and creative movement. This  student-created soundtrack transforms this book and transports audience members to the heart of the city. 

The Orff ensemble continues to grow in size and musicianship under the direction of elementary music specialist Adam Depew.  The ensemble is supported by principal Jay Borchers. 

The group will also be performing in the Kettering Music Community Holiday Concert on December 18th at Trent Arena.  The concert will feature more than 700 Kettering student musicians.   More information can be found at this link

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