Student Composition by Caedon Croucher

Here is an original composition from Caedon Croucher. Caedon participated in the Music Composition Club this along with taking Music Theory and IB Music. He had an opportunity to hear his piece played by one of our concert bands. Please take a moment and listen to some great music by a talented musician. IB Music, Composition Club, and Music Theory is taught by Najwa Jones. IB Music and Music Theory are part of our CCP program.

Bio: Hello, my name is Caedon Croucher and this piece I have written is called "The Jade Crypt", it was written in about a week, so parts might be a little rough, this is due to the fact that the first piece I wrote for this was too difficult, so in a week I spent 5 hours a night writing a new piece for them that I thought they would enjoy playing as well as have fun. My dream is to one day be able to write music, or teach music for a living, and I'm trying my hardest to achieve my goals by practicing writing and playing music every moment I can. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.